Events, Referral and Loyalty Management


Currently building BlockRadiance, a blockchain-enabled platform (Portal & Mobile app) to manage the event, referral, and loyalty programs and to secure the loyalty points redemption

  • Membership Registration

  • Event Management

  • Membership Management

  • Referral Program Management

  • Loyalty program and redemption

  • Event Day Live visualization

  • News channel for Members

  • IoT Integrations

InfoSearch - Unified Knowledgebase


Unified Knowledgebase helps to create a knowledge-base that provides a single-page interface to access the required information.

  • First Level support by the System and thus reduce the phone calls and e-mails request on basic information, which doesn’t require staff involvement  

  • The single-page interface provides a consolidated structured information knowledgebase repository.

  • Information access based on access rights.

  • Companies can build Support and Maintenance Knowledgebase

  • The entire unifies Information Knowledgebase and Search can be commissioned for multiple departments.

  • Knowledgebase can be created with ease and simplicity.

  • Easy and simple to maintain with a simple and effective content management system.



ePowersales facilitates companies to effectively manage the complete lifecycle of sales through direct and indirect sales teams. 

  • The system accelerates time to market, enable sales to sell multiple product/services, track complete sales process and monitor sales cost etc.

  • The ePowerSales suite of products consists of :

    • • Global Admin Management System
      • Campaign Management System
      • Lead Management System
      • Sales Management System
      • Sales Resource Management System
      • Dashboard and Reports

ProTrainer - Learning and Training Academy 


ProTrainer facilitates an integrated and automated architecture to conduct OnLine, Offline or Classroom Training for a large number of
regional users.

  • Sales, Products & Services Training

  • Software Application Training

  • Test, Assessment, and Certification

eHelpdesk & Support  (Ancilla )I


eHelpdesk and Support help to minimize the resources required to support customers and users by simplifying support delivery.

  • Integrates various support pages that are published on the Internet or Intranet by a company under various categories or departments and provide a single unified interface for access

  • A single page interface and support system will reduce the Navigation time spent by the user/visitor/ customer /staff.

  • Reduces the Phone calls on basic support, which doesn’t require technical staff involvement.

  • Workflow based back-end support andmonitoring of Service Level Agreements



InvoSystems has a long track record (15+ years) of developing innovative

products suited for Enterprise Clients and Government Departments